Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes


Donations made to the Shoebox Fund packed 138 boxes! 101 Boxes will go to  South America and 37 will trek across the ocean to Ukraine. Our goal was 120 (100 to South America, 20 to Ukraine) 

As well, the Corner Gospel Church Congregation packed 70 Boxes!

Check out the gallery of pictures to see 208 Boxes being loaded up.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Operation Christmas Child 2016, that's 208 more children plus their families that will be blessed.

 Here is a link for more information on packing a shoe box.                   Shoebox - Ukraine


If you packed shoeboxes last year, there are new restrictions to what can be packed in 2017.


 Any donation of items are appreciated. You can make a monetary donation as well. Please make out cheques to Corner Gospel Church. Your donation will be receipted for tax purposes. For more information please contact Tammy Meulemeester at shoeboxes@cornergospel.ca

Packing a Shoebox is easy and one box can be packed for as little as $17 and takes no time at all! The results are Priceless!

So How Do You Pack A Shoebox?

Some additional things to consider when deciding what to pack...

Hygiene Products... 

Toothbrush Holders & Soap Holders. Some children live in housing with dusty conditions or no floors. 

Face cloths. Some children live in very poverty stricken locations this type of item is a luxury.

School Supplies...

Pencils, Pens etc... In some countries, these items are a luxury also and children cherish them.

Personal Notebooks and Diaries... Some children do not have these kind of items to write their thoughts and secrets in.

Seasonal Savings.

Back To School Supplies are now coming out at low prices! Great time to get School Supplies for Shoeboxes! Also, summer items like skipping ropes disappear come fall.

You can get some Shoebox shopping tips HERE.

Check out this video to see how much the power of a Shoebox can influence a child's life.

For more impact stories, click Here.

Click Here for a Packing Fact Sheet.

Our Regional Drop Off Location is in North Bay at

Laurentian Wesleyan Church

 Please plan to have your boxes at Corner Gospel before Collection Week. 

Collection Week.

November 14-20

For more information on our campaign, contact Tammy Meulemeester (705)729-5569 or shoeboxes@cornergospel.ca


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